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Product Designer

Bruno de Avila.

Bruno de Avila graduated in Product Design in 2008 and since then developed and oriented several creations in the area. Some of his creations have won awards and were finalists in national contests.

In Brazil, he currently develops lighting fixtures and products for his personal brands Brav Design and Fina Camada, produced in his workshop.

He also designs for large brazilian companies, operating in the international
market. In addition to working as a designer, Avila teaches in the Bachelor’s Design course and has intensively studied traditional carpentry.


Products Category – Prêmio Planeta Casa
Luminária Ecopipa

Socio-Environmental Highlight Award – Craft Design
Luminária Ecopipa


Best Product Award  – Craft Design
Poltrona Mesa Trama

Finalist – Planeta Casa
Poltrona Mesa Trama and Fruteira Canoa

Finalist – Objeto Brasileiro
Poltrona Mesa Trama

Finalist – Museu da Casa Brasileira
Poltrona Mesa Trama

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