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About us

Luzfin are a group of professionals with extensive experience in lighting and electrical installations that offer eco-efficient and proximity solutions.


Luzfin origins date back to the early 80’s as a player in the consumer sector lamps, and later specialized in manufacturing and distribution of small electrical material. As the second generation of the company that has undertaken the trip to the origins, returning to the world of lighting before us today.

To Luzfin, design, eco-efficiency, innovation, customization capabilities are our greatest goal in defining our products and projects. Luzfin effort and that of our partners, are focused on the production of quality products with high customer satisfaction.

We are passionate about creating lighting atmospheres not want to be a more technical lighting supplier, we want its lighting products and projects are able to surprise and excite, and endure over time.

Likewise our ability to customize products and develop custom development allows us to offer added value to our clients’ challenges.


  • Offering innovative solutions and efficient lighting and electrical installations.
  • Maintain service quality in design, manufacture, specification, marketing and after-sales service.


  • e relevant to a world transforming agent sensitizing environment eco-efficiency and design.


We luzfin project our values based on:

ECOEFFICIENCY: An increasingly aware of the importance of ecological balance environment, Luzfin internalized the need to transform the current energy use to energy efficiency solutions as a framework.

QUALITY: Following the demands of our stakeholders, Luzfin corresponds to solutions of the highest quality
according to the required specifications.

COMMITMENT: In Luzfin we limit our ability to overcome all that is entrusted to us. We maintain an ongoing relationship with our partners for their confidence in us is maintained.

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