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In Barcelona since 1974

Luzfin’s origins go back to 1974 when the company was founded as a small lighting workshop where it manufactured low-series and custom lamps for customers of decoration and furniture stores.

In those origins the predominant materials were ceramics with different shades and glosses and with a great presence of gold finishes, as early as the 80’s the entry of new materials such as iron and chrome envisioned an orientation to adapt to market trends.

Today more than four decades later we are still that small lighting workshop, four decades attest us in our dedication to the design and manufacture of lighting, working every day to offer you the best lighting fixtures with the philosophy of beginnings as lighting workshop that can adapt to customer needs.

An evolution that is evident in our involvement, specialization capacity and knowledge of the lighting market.


We believe in what we do, and we
love Handmade in Barcelona!

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